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What to expect and how to prepare for your first visit

If you have had concerns or your physician made a referral for therapy services, hearing that your child may need therapy can be scary. Any questions you may have; we can ensure that our staff at Orange Pediatric Therapy is dedicated to improving the well-being of your child. Our family centered approach to treatment involves all members of the family to continue growth and development outside of therapy.

From the first phone call to the very last therapy session, we do our very best to ensure that you and your child are comfortable in the hands of our skilled, professional clinicians.

Our office staff works closely with you through the course of your child’s treatment, from scheduling needs, insurance questions and billing inquiries.

New client forms

To assist you with getting the most out of your first visit with us in a timely fashion, please complete all the tasks below:

  1. Insurance Information – Please bring your membership card with you.
  2. New Client Medical Form pdf_icon – This form will provide us important information regarding your child’s developmental and medical history.  Please print and fill out.
  3. Notice of Privacy Practices pdf_icon – This form educates you on how we comply with healthcare and government regulation to protect your privacy.  Please print and read.
  4. Acknowledgement of Notice of Privacy Practices pdf_icon – This form provides us acknowledgement that you’ve read and understand our privacy practices.  Please print and fill out.
  5. Feeding Questionnaire – For families looking to have their child’s feeding skills evaluated, this will provide the therapist(s) with relevant background information to assist them in completing your child’s evaluation.  This will need to be reviewed before scheduling the Feeding Evaluation.  Please print and fill out the age appropriate form.

What to expect upon your first visit

No matter what service your child is coming for, the process is going to be similar across the board. The evaluating therapist will meet with you and your child to gather the information needed. Once the information is collected, the evaluation will begin. Usually the family is welcome to sty in the room but if the child appears to perform better alone, the family may be asked to step out for certain portions of the evaluation. In some cases, you may be asked to complete additional paperwork if deemed necessary by the therapist.

Upon completion of the evaluation, the therapist will make a recommendation for therapy services. Each recommendation is patient specific and can range from not needing services to requiring services multiple times per week. If services are recommended, the therapist will discuss what needs to be focused on and formulate therapy goals to help your child reach maximum potential.

Before leaving our office on your first visit, our staff will work with you to schedule your appointments based on the therapist’s recommendations and your availability.

What to expect during the course of treatment

Your child was recommended to receive therapy by one of our skilled clinicians, now what? The treating therapist will provide you with feedback throughout the course of treatment so you have a clear understanding of your child’s goals and their progress. In most cases, you will be asked to implement a home exercise program with your child to supplement the therapy they are receiving here at OPT.

Family involvement plays a major role in helping your child reach their maximum level of success. If you have questions or concerns at any point of your child’s therapy, please do not hesitate to discuss with the treating therapist.

Once your child has met the therapy goals assigned to them or it is determined that therapy is no longer necessary, your child will be recommended for discharge from therapy.

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